My first introduction into “scouting” was when I joined the 9th Halifax Wolf Cubs probably when I was 8 or 9, circa 1946.  I looked forward to the weekly meetings, badges, etc.  Phillip Jefferson was the Akela.  The only picture I have is the following of the father/son banquet. 


My older son Dave was in Scouts, although it turned out not to be “his thing”.  Times were changing and non-scout kids were almost bullying the ones in uniform.  In fact, the scouts often had to wear regular clothes over their uniforms to prevent problems on their way to and from the meetings.

When my younger son Ian was about 6, Scouts Canada introduced the Beavers program for boys 5 to 7.  It had been run as a pilot project for short time before becoming an official Scouts Canada program.  When I enrolled Ian in Beavers, it seemed interesting and they were looking for leaders, so I said that I would help out.  Fun and friendship are the cornerstones of the Beaver program.  Through an adventurous program of outdoor activities, creative play, music, and cooperative games, Beavers enjoy time with their friends (and meet new ones), learn how to get along within a group, and develop the confidence to be themselves.

I really enjoyed the 12 years of working with the boys of that age.  They are so truthful in what they see and what they hear.  The training by Scouts Canada really opened my eyes.  Just like Wolf Cubs are in a Pack, Beavers are in a Colony consisting of 30 boys and 6 leaders.  I really enjoyed seeing the boys learning and have a good time. 

All the leaders had nifty names such as Bubbles (Gerry Hall), Malak (Gail Michaud), etc.  I was Tic Tac and the boys never knew my real name.  I’d be in a supermarket and in a loud voice I’d hear “Hi Tic Tac”!!!!  People would look to see what this “TicTac” looked like!!!!

Sometimes we had Cubs and Scouts to assist in carrying out the program. 

Here are a few pictures of the good times in Beavers.  Look at those boys faces!!!!