Pictures of the Rout Family

A little about my family

The pictures above are of my family. In order from left to right: our guard cat General Baxter, my older son Dave and I and my younger son, Ian, and myself.  My wife Faye is not a computer fan and asked me to please do not post her picture on the website, and I respect her wish.

E Koma Mai
Welcome to George!

Hello folks, I welcome you to and thank you for visiting my GEORGE SLADE ROUT personal website, St. Catharines (in the heart of Niagara), Ontario, Canada, a thumbnail sketch about me, the schools I attended, my career in contracts and purchasing, my main hobby interest – playing the Hawaiian steel guitar and Dobro and other interests such as Rout & Slade family genealogy, cycling, boating & canoeing, skiing, model railroad & diecast model collecting, and radio communications, including my participation in the Royal Canadian Signals (Militia) and Scouts Canada. Lots of nostalgia pictures are included.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you wish to comment, have any questions or wish additional data, I’d be glad to hear from you.  Please click this email link . And visit my youtube page at  I keep it simple, I don’t have any guestbook, blogs, Facebook, MySpace or MSNmessenger!!!! 

Me, George Slade Rout.

My son Ian, and I.

My son, Dave and I

Guard Cat, General Baxter.